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Do you cherish the day your dog came into your life?

Do you wish you could relive the special moments that make your dog unique?

Do you wish there was a better way of capturing that moment other than just a photo?


The good news is, there is...

As a dog owner I understand how much you love your furry best friend and like you have wondered how to hold onto their memory once they’re gone and the joy they brought you.

I too have felt that loss with the death of my cocker spaniel Sam from kidney failure in 2010. It was in her final years when she was starting to slow down that I started to see how important it was for my husband and I to have something of her as a unique reminder we could keep forever.

When I drew Sam’s first portrait for my husband Mike, it brought tears to his eyes and he told me that all the great memories came rushing back. I always get amazing reactions from clients when I hand them their portraits and often hear them say that I have somehow captured their soul on paper with my pencils.

Helen Topalov from Mosman, a photographer who has ordered 6 A4 pet portraits of her bassets and one as a gift for a friend had this to say when she was given her latest portrait.


Oh Helene!! As with the others, this is not a portrait of Rebel, it is actually part of his soul on paper. You have such an amazing talent and I am so happy to know that my beautiful dogs have been honoured in this very special way x x x x  

Helen Topalov, Mosman


If you’ve been thinking of giving yourself or someone special a portrait of their pet or a gift certificate, read on to find out what styles of portraits I offer and what you’d think would suit you best...this is a gift for the person who has everything or just a gift for yourself because you deserve it.


Portrait Styles, Sizes and Prices

Pastel and Pencil


This is a great way to capture your pet’s image in colour and still get a few details highlighted. This style is very popular with those who love colour and big portraits at an everyday price.


Portrait Size Unframed Framed Bonus
A4 (21 x 30cm) (8 x 12") $290 TBA NA
A3 (30 x 42cm) (12 x 16") $480 TBA NA
A2 (42 x 60cm) (16 x 24") $790 TBA NA

White pencil on Black paper

White pencil on Black paper

Watch your pet come right out of the page with these stunning eye catching portraits

Portrait Size Unframed Framed Bonus
A4 (21 x 30cm) (8 x 12") $290 TBA NA
A3 (30 x 42cm) (12 x 16") $550 TBA NA
A2 (42 x 60cm) (16 x 24") $990 TBA NA

Black pencil on White paper

Black pencil on White paper

This classic style is always a favourite for those who have darker coloured animals and also a favourite for those who like something in between the two sty

This is a classic style that has all the detail. It can capture the soul of any beloved family member. It will suit any breed and any photo.

Portrait Size Unframed Framed Bonus
A4 (21 x 30cm) (8 x 12") $390 TBA NA
A3 (30 x 42cm) (12 x 16") $740 TBA NA
A2 (42 x 60cm) (16 x 24") $1390 TBA NA

Full Colour pencil on Grey paper

Full Colour pencil on Grey paper

Marvel at the detail that goes into these portraits. You will feel like your beloved pet is right there and able to touch!!

Portrait Size Unframed Framed Bonus
A5 (15 x 21cm) (6 x 8") $690 TBA NA
A4 (21 x 30cm) (8 x 12") $1300 TBA NA
A3 (30 x 42cm) (12 x 16") $2490 TBA 1 x A3 colour print of your portrait
A2 (42 x 60cm) (16 x 24") $4750 TBA 1 x A3 canvas print of your portrait + 50 glossy print greeting cards of your pet's portrait.


All my portraits have my 100%money back satisfaction guarantee, order now it would be my pleasure to bring your beloved pet to life with one of my pencil drawings.


Laura Mye

Laura Mye from Sydney, who was given a portrait of Rocky for her 21st birthday by one of my portrait clients, had this to say.

"Hi Helene, I absolutely love it. It's already up and I've shown my friends and work mates and they can't comprehend the amount of detail and the relaxed feel you get looking at Rockstar's face. You have captured him completely. You are amazing!! Thank you so much! You definitely have a gift..."

Laura Mye, Sydney

To order your portrait and truly bring your pet to life, please call me on 0422 969 280 or email me on with your order and to discuss payment. Orders will only be confirmed and secure once a 25% deposit has been made.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to call or email me on 0422 969 280 or . Also more information can be found on FAQs.

This is a memory you will keep forever.

Happy Tail Wagging!

Helene Ruma
The Dog Portrait Artist

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