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Dog Rescue Portrait 2: Jaffa

Jaffa's portrait


Jaffa’s Portrait Diary

Jaffa’s Diary: Making the decision

jaffa’s Diary: Making the decision

I often wonder myself when it comes to transforming a rescue story into one of my portraits what makes me choose one story over another. I suppose I need to start trusting my instincts that when I hear that voice in my head “that’s the one” it’s a story I need to take to the next level.


Jaffa’s Story

Our story is about Jaffa our Cavoodle
Story from Robyn Deakin


Jaffa's rescue picture - how can you not fall in love with him Not a happy Jaffy Fun at the park
Jaffa's rescue picture - how can
you not fall in love with him
Not a happy Jaffy Fun at the park

Hi, this is my gorgeous boy Jaffa who I adopted from the RSPCA Coffs Harbour last year (a year ago). They picked him up along with a truck load of other dogs & puppies from a puppy farm/mill.

I wasnt even seriously looking for a dog but found myself one day on the pet rescue site & feel in love with this cute Cavoodle! After about a week of convincing my husband I just had to have this puppy who at the time was just 6mths old, I found myself holding such a scared & frightened little boy

He never wagged his tail & this made be so sad. But then one day I came home & he came running up to the side gate wagging his tail madly! I was so happy to see him happy. I just ♥ him to bits & I am so grateful to be able to share my life with him.

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