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Dog Rescue Portrait one: Molly

Final portrait of Molly


Molly’s Portrait Diary

Molly’s Diary: Making the decision

Molly’s Diary: Making the decision

Molly’s story has definitely struck a chord in me that I know this is one portrait to draw and story I need to tell. The whole point of doing this collection is to show people how these dogs are living creatures that have emotions and aren’t something to be just dumped in the trash.

Looking over all the photos that Molly’s owner Barri has sent me, there are some great shots. The one of Molly when she was first found and with one of her pups under her chin is going to be the ideal portrait, but I know the photo quality isn’t that good and the resolution is low. Am I sure it’s the one I want to do? Looking at the photo I’m guessing it was taken from a camera phone at the spur of the moment and thankfully they did cause it’s a beautiful photo. But still the colour isn’t good and I can barely see the eyes, especially the ones on the pup, and everything is a bit grainy.

But I have to draw this photo, this is the one where even thought it was of Molly at one of her worst moments, it’s also the one that is the most uplifting.

I’m hoping my fellow Aussies aren’t going to be disappointed that I’m choosing and American dog for my first portrait. Please excuse me fellow Aussies, but you have to admit this is a pretty amazing story. I’ll make sure the next one is from Oz.

Molly’s Story

Our story is about Molly our 4 yr old yellow Lab
Story from Barri Zollo


Molly on a day out Molly and her new best friend Bailey Molly in the festive mood
Molly on a day out Molly and her new best
friend Bailey
Molly in the festive mood

Last winter Molly and her mate were left on the side of the road in New Jersey. Some people were able to grab them and hold them till animal control officers arrived to take them to their shelter. The animal control officers thought that Molly had recently given birth since her nipples were swollen. The dogs were taken to the shelter and locked up for the night.

The next morning when the staff arrived there was blood all over the place and Molly was nowhere to be found, upon a search of the premises they found her in the bathroom giving birth, she had managed to open her kennel and crwal into the bathroom, she pulled out all the toilet paper and paper towel to have her pups. During the day she gave birth to 10 pups. Sadly only 8 survived.

When we heard about Molly and her pups we immediately went to see her, we already had a 18 month old yellow lab Bailey and knew the pups would get homes. Once we met her we knew she was the perfect addition to our family. She was the sweetest dog, allowing us to pick up her newborn puppies. She was a mess when we saw her that first time, her hair was missing from her sides and she had frostbite on her ears and nose. She had to remain at the shelter for 8 weeks till the pups were able to go to their new homes.

It was May 8th 2009 Mother’s day weekend and we were finally able to bring Molly home. Our other dog has just had knee surgery and was confined to a crate. After the introductions she lay by his crate until he was allowed out, they are now the best of friends.

Molly adjusted to home life very quickly and is loved and very spoiled. She follows me where ever I go. We just had a family reunion with her old mate and father of the pups and 4 of her babies. It has been a year since Molly has joined us and i strongly believe our family is now complete.

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