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Do you have a Dog Rescue Success Story?

My Dear Dog Loving Fanatic,

I’m writing to you because you have rescued a dog and I need your story for my current dog portrait collection

“The day my pet human saved me…”

My name is Helene Ruma and I’m a dog portrait artist. My aim for this portrait collection is to shed light and focus on the positive outcomes of rescuing dogs from shelters.

All dog rescue stories are special. We all know abandoned and abused dogs end up in shelters, but how do they get there? And where do they go from there?

I am searching for 10 stories for my pencil portraits and yours could be one of them. Tell me your story and your furry friend could be one of the 10 dogs to become a star and have their Portrait immortalised in my latest Helene Ruma Dog Pencil Portrait collection.

So what do I need from you?

All I need for now is a photo of your dog and a brief outline of their story. What happened to them before you got them (whatever you know), what made you choose them and what is it about them now that makes them special (It can be quirky, funny-crazy or heartwarming). All this can be just a paragraph.

From there I will choose the final 10 to transform into my pencils portraits for the collection.

What is this going to cost me? I hear you ask…

Nothing! All I need from you is a little bit of your time. In fact the 10 stories chosen will be gifted with one of my sale prints of your very own pooch!!!

And! a portion of all poster sales will be donated to rescuing dog.

So please send me your story by sending me an email to . I can’t wait to hear from all you Dog Loving Fanatics.

Happy Tail Wagging!

Helene Ruma
Dog Portrait Artist

SPECIAL NOTE: At this point there is no deadline for story entries.


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