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Dog Rescue: The Day my pet human saved me...

All dog rescue stories are special. We all know abandoned and abused dogs can end up in shelters and rescue organisations, but how did they get there? And where do they go from there?

This is a collection of dog portraits of ten dogs that have been saved and given a second chance. Click on each of the dogs to see their image and to read their stories …

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Testimonials “Helene made the whole process so easy and she involves you all the way.” Bec –
Surry Hills.

Testimonials “Helen was so easy to work with. Nothing was a problem. It was a pleasure to work with her.” Judy Mullins –
Wagga Wagga.

Testimonials “Helene was great to work with and put up with all my constant photo emails I sent to her and all my "please can you" (include this)” Cheryle Dale –