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Why Rescue Stories as a pencil portrait collection?

Posted on 18. May, 2012 by in Uncategorized

A lot of people wouldn’t even question why I would want to do a collection of pencil portraits on successful dog rescues, after all it’s a great cause and a great story to tell.

I think it’s time now to share my own rescue story and how I came about wanting to create this collection.

This isn’t a story of a dog I rescued, but it’s a story of a dog that I had to give up.

When Sam was 6 years old, I was working long hours which left her on her own a lot of the day. Although I gave her toys to play with and would often scatter food around the backyard to create a little treasure hunt, I still felt the guilt of having to leave her there alone with no one to keep her company.

We loved Cocker Spaniels and when you have a dog like Sam to base the breed on of course we wanted another so Sam would have a friend to play with and another sweet natured dog for us to have in our lives.

That’s when we found Jedda. She was an English Cocker Spaniel that was around the same age as Sam so we thought they would be good for each other. We picked her up from her old home and were told that they couldn’t keep her anymore because she was always escaping from their back yard. We were so excited about taking Jedda home that our ears tuned out her history that they told us. From what I remember, Jedda had started her life owned by an older woman who had to give her up because she was too old to look after her anymore. That’s when Jedda was passed on from family to family and eventually surrendered to a shelter. You can imagine that this would have been traumatic for little Jedda and our ears continued to block out and ignore the fact that she was now territorial and had attacked their other dog when he was a puppy before he grew bigger and more dominant than her.

So we took her home and at first everything was alright. Jedda didn’t play with Sam like we hoped she would and pretty much just kept to herself and ignored Sam if they were alone. We thought it would just take time for them to get to know each other but then the fighting started. The amount of times Sam was bitten or I was bitten trying to break them up came to a point that all of us felt constantly tense and stressed.

Not knowing what to do and feeling as though we had just made Sam’s life worse, which even though had once been lonely during the day, was at least peaceful. We soon came to realised we had to make the hard decision that we had to give Jedda away. Knowing that she had been passed from home to home and having failed ourselves we knew her next home had to be one for the rest of her life. We put an ad in the paper ‘free to good home’ and the response was over whelming. Out of the 30 phone calls we got, 25 were rejected right away. We knew she had to be in a home with no other pets, they had to have great fencing and someone had to be home for most of the day. She loved children, so we looked for a family that would give her plenty of love and attention. We went to the 5 homes that we thought could be the one and finally decided on a family with two boys. While there, we watched the boys play with Jedda, how happy they all were and how the parents took Jedda coming into their lives seriously and wanted to include her as part of their family. We had found her forever home.

It was a month latter we received a xmas card from Jedda’s new family with the 5 of them on the front all wearing santa hats and a video of them all on their latest holiday. I cried while watching it, happy that she was finally in a home that would be her last and also sad knowing I was just another part of her broken past. I never wrote back to the family that took her, I’m not sure why, maybe it was it the guilt of having to let her go? I only had her for a few months, but I always remember a dog I used to go running with and could out run me, a dog that was so desperate for our attention and would just want to be close to us, a dog that would spin in circles when she was so excited and I remember a dog that I had to let go of because there was another little cocker spaniel who I had also committed my life to 6 years earlier.

I always think about Jedda from time to time and wonder, if she could speak, how she would include us in her story of the day her pet human saved her…

If you have a successful rescue story that you want to share GO TO my Rescue Collection page to find out more details

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