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Photography Tip

Posted on 18. May, 2012 by in Uncategorized

How did that shadow get there?

Like me you have probably gone crazy taking photos of your dog who you may secretly refer to as the Hollywood star “Sofurry Loren”. Aiming left right and centre and getting lost in the fun of it all, you didn’t really take the time to see what may have snuck into the picture.

Recently I was given a photo of Millie, a poodle x cocker spaniel to transform into one of my A4 coloured pencil portraits. As you can see this is a very cute photo of Millie and already shows a few of the tips that I’ll be soon sharing with you on how to take a great photo of your dog…but all that in the next couple of weeks.

For now, let’s focus on one tip, what’s in the shot?

Before I go on, you may be thinking “there is no way I’m sending in a photo to Helene for publicly scrutiny!!” Well… to that I say, “RELAX! :) ” Millie’s photo is great as it shows her personality and has some really nice lighting on her face. As a photo to transform into a pencil portrait it does just the trick as you can see with this progress sneak peek.

It’s also a great photo to put on the office desk. Here is just a quick tip to improve the photo and make it extra special… and what’s a Dog Loving Community if we can’t help each other out and give a few tips along the way to best remember our doggie best friends forever.

So let’s continue on how the light falls on little Millie’s body…

Take note of what’s in the picture

Sometimes it’s not easy to think of everything when we are taking our dog’s photo. Before you do start snapping away, think about what’s in the shot.

Here you can see there is a dark shadow that has fallen on part of Millie’s chest and leg. What happened? It’s possible the shadow was always there from a tree or part of a building close to your photo shoot. Sometimes though, they just pop in from nowhere.

Watch out for moving shadows like, clothes lines with this week’s washing on it that blows into your shot from the wind.

If you are taking photos with an assistant, make sure they are conscious of where they are standing throughout the photo shoot. It can be easy to forget this especially when you are giving treats to your furry star between clicks. Assistants can be especially forgetful when it comes to moving out of the light if your assistant is under the age of 14. This age limit can vary with the level of excitement for their furry star. Even at the tender age of ‘late thirties’, my husband Mike would also fall under this category of “over excitement for the furry best friend”.

Something else to consider is, what is positioned around your dog? If something doesn’t add value to the shot, take it out. For example you can see the bottle and watering can to the left of the photo.

Objects in the foreground of the photo can add a depth to your photo. With the case of the pot plant that is in the bottom right of this photo, more leaves and less of the pots odd shape may have improved the picture.

All in all, a lovely photo of Millie.

The complete set of photo tips will be available to “Dog Loving Fanatics” fan members, coming soon. Not a member yet? Click on this link Dog Loving Fanatics Fan Club to join. The next fan update will be on the 15th July 2010. Get fortnightly updates of completed portraits, collections, photography tips, competitions and much more…

Happy Tail Wagging!

Helene Ruma

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