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Manly Dogs Day Out, 2010

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The Helene Ruma – dog portrait artist stall

What a day!!

Unlike the RSPCA Million Paws Walk, Mike and I woke at a more reasonable time of 6am to drive from our home in Lake Macquarie to the lovely shores of Clontarf for the annual event.

It was exciting being there and having a chance to meet the lovely people of Dogs NSW who promote responsible dog ownership (yeah!!) and were setting up right next to me. Pulling myself away from the dog cuddles I was getting from one of the furry friends they had at their stall, Mike and I continued to set up before the day officially began.

I also got a chance to meet a few other businesses who provide great quality products and who also really love their dogs and also two other doggie rescue organisations who I hope to get involved with and help in the future. More articles on these great businesses coming up in future fan updates.

Pepe – part of the tough Clontarf crowd!

I met a lot of dog lovers who came to see what I was all about. I also got to see a few regular fans that came by to say hi and I got a chance once again to see their dogs and hear more funny stories of the mischief they get up to.

being shown, any trick is posible with treats

I spent most of the day hoping I wouldn’t get frowns from the “DogTech” training who were also there because I was inviting dogs to jump up on my stall table to say hi to them. It’s like being the fun aunty that has no children, no responsibility and raises hell when she gets together with the nieces and nephews – all in good fun of course! (Stay tuned for a joint article with DogTech with tips on how to get your dog to sit still for a photo).

I love the look on the face of the little boy in yellow

This time I had better signage explaining that the portraits that were on display were in coloured pencil and not photographs. Everyone was amazed and couldn’t believe the detail that went into them. The main question for the day was “how long does an A4 coloured portrait take?” …well the answer is about a week, although they seem to be taking me longer and longer. The more I do them, the more I seem to spend time getting that extra detail into them…I just can’t help myself!

people needing a closer look… and look! it’s a greayhound in need of a home from GAP

On the day I ran a little competition where someone could win 50 greeting cards printed with their favourite dog photo. There were lots of entries and I’m happy to announce Sheryll Kershaw was the lucky winner! I’ve already received her photo of Abbey and she will be getting her greeting cards soon.

A few portraits were commission with people wanting to make sure they had their xmas presents organised for the end of the year and not wanting to miss out.

The day went so fast, and I had my little memorial portraits of Sam in both colour and Black/White on display. It was nice to have my little PR Manager with me there in spirit.

Of course hubby Mike was there with me too as always, taking photos and reminding me to tell people that the portraits were drawings. He says he can see the confusion on people’s faces that they’re not sure if they’re looking at a drawing or a photo…and he’s always right!

I can’t wait till the next doggie event. If you want to know where you can see me and my portraits up close, join the Dog Loving Fanatics Club and be one of the elite club members to get the full details.

Till next time…

Happy Tail Wagging

Helene Ruma

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