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Find an image of your furry best friend

Posted on 18. May, 2012 by in Uncategorized

Speaking recently to a client who was getting herself in a tail spin of which photo to choose for her dog Charlie’s pencil portrait, I realised people can sometimes get hung up on what photo or image best represents their dog.

I haven’t given you any photo examples in this article so it won’t get in your way of visualising your own dog’s image…

The first image

Sometimes it’s as simple as closing your eyes and while feeling the love you have for your dog, see what is the very first image that comes to mind. We can sometimes get a little confused when all the other images start to follow. What you need to keep in mind is that the first image you think of is often the right image and it’s the one that makes all the other fond memories come back to you.

“My first image is my dog barking at the neighbours!”

Ok, this may be a more stress related response of thinking about your dog. I could have probably said that in my dog Sam’s early years my first image would be of her going to the bathroom on someone’s carpet…yes it did happen a few times, being my first dog I didn’t understand Sam when she was trying to tell me “I really need to go now!”

Sometimes how we react to pictures of other dogs that are a completely different breed can also tell us what pose or image it is that we love about our own dogs. My favourite image of Sam would have to be when she was lying down with head resting on the floor. I know this is the one because even though Sam was an English Cocker Spaniel, I would always have that “oooowwww, that’s so beautiful” reaction, even if it was a picture of a Rottweiler, Terrier or a Staffy with the same pose.

“I need to get my hair done for the photo”

…and so does your dog. For whatever reason, you may give your dog some weird and wonderful haircuts and clips. For the sake of finding ticks easily, Sam would have her quarterly “GI Jane Buzz Cut”. (BTW, who else had their dog go nuts afterwards and run around like a maniac as though they’ve been let out of the funny farm?) It was a couple of months after one of these cuts that she would start getting that puppy like fluff that would just melt our hearts.

So what is that image of your dog you love so much and best reminds you of them?

It can be the first image that pops into your mind, it can be the image that makes your heart melt no matter which dog you see doing it or can be the image of them that makes you laugh or warms your heart.

…but you can always count on knowing which image it is, because when you see it, you can feel it’s right within you and the little voice in the back of your mind tells you “now THAT’S my dog!”

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