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Do you cherish the day your dog came into your life?

Have you ever thought you should take more photos of them before it’s too late?

Is your dog nearing the end of its life and you’re starting to realise how important it is to have a lifelong memory of them to keep forever?

I understand your dog is an important part of your life and like the rest of us you would love something as unique as they are to remember them forever, but you’re coming to the realisation that you don’t have enough photos of them... you want more but don’t know how to go about it.

As a dog pencil portrait artist I get a lot of people contacting me telling me how their dog is nearing the end of their lives and they want a lifelong memory to keep forever but don’t have many photos. Or worse, their dog isn’t around anymore, they don’t have many photos of them and the ones they do have aren’t very good.

When my Cocker Spaniel Sam became a senior citizen, I knew time was running out and I wanted to use my talent as an artist to create a gift for my husband which he would cherish forever.


I was lucky I did have a photo of Sam that captured her as we knew and loved her which I could transform and bring to life with one of my pencil portraits. I was amazed by how the texture of the pencils seemed to bring her to life. Even my husband said that he felt you could almost touch her soft fur. That special moment I had captured on photo came right back and my little dog Sam came to life in the drawing.

When Sam was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2009 I went through all my photos once again wanting to create another lifelong memory and realised I didn’t have that many photos. There was even a whole section of her life that was missing and the photos I did have of her weren’t that good. They made her look like a big lolly-pop, were taken at odd angles, had bad lighting or were just photos of her butt.

That’s when I decided I had to find the right way to take photos and what worked best for dogs. I started doing a little research to see what would work and what wouldn’t when it came to capturing my little ball of fluff.

After making many of my own photography mistakes I have created 7 top tips what to keep in mind when capturing your dog. So weather it’s to get a great image to then have transformed into one of my unique pencil portraits or if it’s just something to have on your lap top screen saver, you too can have a great memory of them you can cherish forever.

I know in your busy life you may not have the time to do what I did or you may not want to continually hire a professional photographer either, these 7 quick tips, illustrated with pictures will give you a “go-to” list of instructions when you’re ready to document your pups life.

Don’t be one of the many dog lovers that come up to me after their furry best friend is gone and realise you don’t have many photos and you are struggling to find one that captures who your dog was.

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